Friday, 5 May 2017

Digital Footprint activity

What is digital footprint?
Digital foot print is a what you leave behind after you go on your computer.
Why do you think we are learning about digital foot print?
I think were learning about digital foot print because to warn us what we go on and that nothing is private on social media and making sure where on the right site.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Maths with Shapes

Today for Maths we had a Maths problem that involved shapes. The problem was confusing at first but then we knew what to do to solve the problem.

We had to count how many faces on the cube would be painted red.

Friday, 14 October 2016


At Tech my group was in cooking class. Our teacher is usually here but today she was away, so we went with the other teacher, Mrs Tuipulotu. So we had to get a partner and sit and one table. My partner was Mele. Our teacher told us we will be making Chocolate Chip Cookies.

 First we had to get all the equipment. Then we got the ingredient. We mixed it all up and then we started making a cookie shape. I got the cookies and put it on the oven.

While we were waiting for the cookies to be cooked we started cleaning up. Mele washed the dishes and dried them. After we went to go and get our bags from the room we placed it in. Then we had to wait for the cookies. When they were ready we took them out and tasted them. They were Delicious. Mele and I halved one. Then we cleaned the tray we placed the cookies on. So after that we went and sweep the floor.

Then we wrapped our cookies in a foil and put it in the bag. The bell rang then we packed up and went back to school.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Kiwi Can

Today, after lunch we had a Kiwi Can session. So First we talk about Respect. Later on we went outside to played a game but I don't seem to remember what it is called. Jayden and I were the 2 taggers. We got a lot of people out. When there was only a little bit of people we had to start the game again and the next 3 taggers were Sam, Hemi and Mata. They got almost everyone out but our Kiwi can teacher said we had to go back to class.

When we got to class we sat down and our Kiwi can teacher divide our class into 5 groups. We had to do a play and the students that were watching our play had to guess what it's about. Group 2 went first and there play was about encourage. Groups 3 went next and there one was about Perseverance.Group 4 was after and there one was about Fairness. Group 5 was next and there one was about Friendship. Finally Group 1 and our one was about Appreciation. 

Finally we played a fast game of GKQ it was fun playing. Then we lined up and went back to class.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

BBQ with Tololi Family

On Saturday we did not go for a walk because my grandma feet were sore from walking at the beach.  We had breakfast and got ready to go back to the North Shore at my Uncles house.  On our way to there house we brought some food from paknsave.  When we got there we had a cuppa tea, then we had to clean dishes, after we went outside and played on the trampoline and sat on it and talked about our day at the beach.  Jewel went with her parents to the shops to get some meats for the bbq.  So we had to go inside because it was muddy outside.  We watched tv for a while, at that time my Aunty and Grandma were cooking the food. While we were eating we were watching Born to dance after that movie we had to go. So my sister and I said our last goodbyes. I was so sad when we left.

Trip to Whatipu

On Friday 7th October 2016, my sister and I were still at Grandparents house.  But joining us was our young uncle Tololi (13years old) and aunty Jewel (10 years old). We woke up at 5am to start taking the rest of the fishing gear and food into the car.  It was already planned that the place we were going fishing at was Whatipu which is out towards Titirangi.  Once we were finished we were ready to leave, but Tololi parents hadn't arrived yet as we were going to travel together. When his Parents arrived with his two other siblings Sifu (15 years old) and Pearl ( 7 years old), we all split up into the two vehicles.  Off we went to our long journey to Whatipu... but to use up our time we talked about the old times when we were younger enjoying our times at Whatipu and had a lot of laughs and making jokes up.

Then making it to Whatipu, pretty relieved because to get to Whatipu we had drive on a narrow dusty dirt roads which is very far from the bottom.  So we all had to help carry the gears and things we needed to fish on the rocks, It was a twenty minute walk to the beach and to the rock which is where the lighthouse is, this is the fishing spot.  It was hard walking there cos we had take off our shoes because there were some little streams we had to cross, it was so windy that the sand was hurting my legs it felt like needles poking our legs.  When we got to the rocks we put our fishing gear together, we were fishing on a high rock.  The first person to catch a fish was my Grandma.  Next person to catch a fish was my Grandpa, I didnt see who caught the third one.  My Uncle Sifu was the worst fisher, first he broke the tip of the fishing reel, then he threw the reel into the sea by accident, then my Grandpa caught a shark and my Great uncle caught a stingray, but my Great Uncle threw the stingray back in.  After a whole day of fishing we left around 6pm, while travelling home my uncle was making up funny raps that didn't rhyme. When we got home, they went back to there car and went straight home my Great Uncle and his family, my sister and I were sad when they left.